by Jonathan F. LeGrand

Picture depicts scene from THE CULVERT

copyright 2005


Take ALook At The Video For The Culvert 

From Mitch

This is hard for me to admit, but I was in tears and very moved by the end of your book.  You have a cinematic eye for description and your writing style is distinctly American, much in the same way that can be classified for a Steinbeck or a Hemingway or even to a greater degree a William Faulkner as evident from your seven page description of Will "getting himself back together again" after his vigorous and most disturbing assault.  Throughout my reading of your book, I found myself wishing that the reader could have a say in determining the fate of your villain because, kid or no, given the opportunity  I can assure you that I would certainly want to come up with something for him which would be most unpleasant!    

From the standpoint of establishing empathy and sympathy for your leading character, you have more than clearly accomplished your task as a writer in that it was most cleverly and skillfully done.  Throughout the story I was genuinely concerned for his well being and at your climax, I nearly had heart failure!  My hearty congratulations for a well written and unusual book. 



From Kevin

(An old prep school buddy)

I love it!  It's hard to put down.  This is a great work.  After reading most of the afternoon and evening, a voice in the back of my head told me to put the book down and go to bed so I could get enough sleep for work tomorrow.  But I didn't listen.  I kept reading into the wee hours until I had finished the whole thing.  It was that good!

This book needs to be required reading for every teacher and parent and teen ager and school administrator, as well as clergy, psychologist, social worker, police officer, and everybody else who cares about kids. 

I am extremely proud to know someone who is capable of such phenomenal work.  I give you an "A+" with Honorable Mention and dinner with the Headmaster.  I think the real HEADMASTER is probably pretty happy with what you've done here, too. 




From Jeannie E.   

Dear Clint,

I absolutely loved your book and I can hardly wait to read your next one!  I think the book was written to perfection.  The contents of the book kept me spellbound after I read the first few pages.  I could not put the book down until I finished. 

I feel every parent should read this book.  It will help them to read and understand their children's lives.  It should also be required reading for Counselors and school teachers. 

I'd like to sum the book up in a few short words - fantastic, great, superb! 




From Randy

Very good!  It was a deeper book than I expected.  I was surprised at the direction your story took. 



From Brad

This book was a VERY interesting read.  I couldn't believe some of the things that were done to the main character in the book.  I really got into this book a lot and felt what the main character felt every step of his harrowing journey. 




From Bill

THE CULVERT written by Clint Adams is a powerful story about abuse.  From start to finish it had me on the edge of my seat, not able to answer the phone or go out to visit friends.  The boy involved in this incredible story went through hell and back.  At times I just wanted to jump in there and help him.  The writer knows how to make this book a great experience.  The ending made my heart beat faster and faster, the tears just flowed from me, yes it's so very powerful.  The ending is so great, and I said to myself, "Thank God for that".  Read this book.  You won't be sorry. 









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