Three Original and Gripping Stories

Just becasue you have been a victim doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life being a victim


Dick (a retired professor of English Literature) says... "THE CULVERT does an excellent job of portraying teen-aged angst." 


Richard (a retired professor of EnglishLiterature)  says... "Even on my fourth reading, BOARDING SCHOOL held me in suspense."


Richard (a retired professor of English Literature) says... "I really cared about your characters.  The plotline of DOLLAR LAKE is like racing along a twisting highway and taking an exit at 60 miles per hour." 



While his parents move to Europe in order to accept a transfer for work, young Clint Adams enrolls eagerly into a New England boarding school.  Thrilled with the opportunity for independence and adventure, the 13-year-old acclimates instantly to his new surroundings and to the people he finds living there.  Soon though, the young prep-schooler discovers himself set upon and ultimately at the mercy of the base interests of some of the older students who live with him on the campus.   Unable to stop what is happening to him, in a very short period of time the young man’s innocence is taken from him and replaced with an education about life that had not been advertised in the school’s catalog. 


Told from the actual events endured by the author while he lived at the first of the four boarding schools he attended as a youth, Boarding School is a fictionalized account of the friendships, the desperation, the constant presence of evil and the inspiring way in which the author succeeded in eventually rising above it all.  Not for the faint of heart, the reader should be prepared for a hash story about an often ignored aspect of our culture.



Will McDonald is living an idyllic life in small town Middle America.  A star on his swim team and a top performer in the classroom, the young man is secure in his belief that he has earned the respect of everyone he knows.  However, a kiss on his cheek from an admiring girl in his grade one afternoon sets into motion a transition in his life which forever alters the youngster’s understandings about himself and the world around him. 


After suffering through the humiliation of a very personal physical assault from an older boy at his school who had witnessed the kiss, Will embarks upon a period of hesitation and self-doubt over the most basic aspects of who he is as a person.  Soon though, he becomes aware of other boys he knows who have been similarly abused by the same older boy and in order to prevent anyone else  from being harmed in the same way, Will rallies himself to confront the bully.  The shocking events which follow will keep the reader guessing about the outcome for both youths until the end. 


After a year of anguish and humiliation over the detailed testimony he was ultimately required to provide at a public trial regarding the physical and sexual assaults that he and other kids had been made to endure at the hands of the older boy from his school named Jake, young Will McDonald is ready to put the past behind him.  Now age 14, a year has passed since the occurrences in The Culvert and summer vacation has arrived.  With the comfort he feels from the knowledge that Jake has been taken to the State Penitentiary in Lincoln, Will is ready to attend a lake party at the home of one of his classmates.  However, once at the party, the young man discovers that the ease he used to feel around his friends has left him and he prefers instead to find places where he can be alone.  Noticing this change in the boy’s demeanor, a girl from Will’s class befriends the youth and for the next few hours the couple chat and make out as the others who have paired off around them are doing.  When darkness falls and the other party goers have moved indoors, the girl leads Will into the water and around to a secluded cove where, while remaining in the water, the couple remove each others’ clothing and engage in a level of passion which is characteristic of young people in discovery. 


Feeling exhilarated the next day over his romantic experience from the night before and while walking along a dirt road toward his parents’ house, Will and 3 of his buddies become stunned when a van pulls up along side of the foursome and reveals Jake with 3 new convict friends who together have just escaped from the prison that morning.  Instantly abducted, the younger boys soon find themselves taken to a large secluded mud hole known in the area as Dollar Lake where Jake with revenge in his heart picks up with Will where he had left off the year before.  At the same time the other convicts, with equal commitment, engage in the same activity with Will’s pals.  For the rest of the weekend as the convicts soften up the boys in the soft earth, Will and his friends are turned into permanent submissives so that within hours they can be sold to a powerful man in Omaha who uses his unique talents to operate an international sex ring of young boys for the U.S. Government. 


Inspired from media reports and actual events, Dollar Lake will have the reader glued to the pages with the same degree of concern for Will and his friends that is evident among the authorities who are searching for them. 

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